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(Self Released) Reviewed 20th September 2017

COBURG fronted by Anastasia Coburg is a Symphonic/Gothic Rock band based in London. And Anastasia not only is the vocalist in this band, she also takes care of lead guitar and synth duties, so she is quite a talented individual. This is the band's debut offering and rather good it is too. Opener 'A Cold Day In Hell' is a mid-tempo blaster while next up 'Echoes In the Night' after a cool choral intro is an industrial tinged rocker that thunders along rather nicely. The remainder of the record is damn cool with tracks like ‘Into The Darkness’ with its haunting intro that then becomes a synth driven belter, the totally awesome ‘Requiem’ together with magical guitar solo, the Industrial sounding ‘Thy Dagger’, the Middle Eastern tinged ‘Till The Bitter End’, the epic 8 minute plus beautifully put together ‘Warrior’s Blood’ and the closing awesome ballad ‘Rise’ that superbly ends the record. In summary, Anastasia has a winner here, her rock like vocal style suits the music rather nicely, ably supported by the band, making this a rather nice musical package, running it at over the hour. Check Facebook out here for further information…album due 24th October from major digital outlets, so become enchanted and buy!…. 8.75/10 (Dave)